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CRAZY LIBERTY 9 Colors Dog Nail Polish Pens Set

Dog nail polish pens are water-based, In the product removed all oily ingredients, product is non-toxic and odorless. There is no problem when dogs lick their nail polish. It’s safe and won’t cause any harm or discomfort. Non-Toxic, Water Soluble, Easy To Use and Clean.

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9 Colors Dog Nail Polish Pens Non-Toxic, Odorless, & Fast Dry. Non-Toxic Water-Based Pet Nail Polish Pens, Natural and Safe, Suitable for All Pet.

  • Non-Toxic, Water Based, & Odorless Pet Nail Polish Pen for Quick and Neat Coverage - Pick from 9 different colors in the nail polish set.
  • Easy to apply without the risk of spillage or mess. Easily clean the polish with water or a wet wipe when you want to try a new design. Keep your pup’s nails looking stylish and fashionable.
  • The Ultimate in Dog Accessories - Break out the Open Toe Dog Shoes and color coordinate with your favorite pets shirt, collar, leash, pet costume, fur coloring or hair dye.
  • Great gift idea for any occasion or just when stocking up on new puppy supplies. Works on large and small breed dogs, puppies, even a little cat or piggy.